Dental Implants


Dental implants, are substitute tooth roots providing a solid foundation for the replacement teeth which look, feel, and function like a natural teeth. Missing teeth in adults significantly affect aesthetics and oral function including misaligned bite, muscle distress, restricted chewing as well as excessive forces and shifting of remaining teeth. Patients can get implants either at the time of tooth removal or after the tooth has been missing for a period of time.


Dental Implant     



Benefits of Dental Implants Patients


  •   Safe & compatible , made from titanium that integrates easily with bone & tissue

  •   Strong & durable  ,  done correctly, dental implants will last a life time

  •   Enhanced function , dental implants function as your natural teeth with a secure infrastructure

  •   Improved dental hygiene , just brush & floss as with natural teeth

  •   Healthier tooth structure , no support or destruction of adjacent teeth required

  •   Allows the ability to eat virtually anything ,no irritation or inflammation

  •   Complete confidence when smiling & speaking , no shifting or metal clasps

  •   Preserves facial structure by preventing bone loss & can stimulate bone growth

  •   Eliminates the need for removable dentures & bridges

  •   Can replace one or many missing teeth or failed natural teeth

  •   Can replace single fractured roots or roots with failing endodontic treatment


Advantages of Dental Implant Micro Surgery


  •   Optimum visibility & precise positioning

  •   Better fit & more aesthetically pleasing

  •   Smaller surgical incisions & openings

  •   Less pulling of tissue flaps & stitches

  •   Reduced pain, trauma, swelling & bleeding

  •   Faster recovery & less complication risks

  •   Safer with a proven approach using local anesthesia




       Before Dental Implant                                            Dental Implant with Microsurgery

~ No Stitches or Excess Gum Removal



    Healing Abutment - Dental Implant                                               Dental Implant with Final Crown




Dental Implant Surgery: Our Way vs. the Traditional Way



In our approach, the dental implant site is prepared using highly-customized & drills to enhance implant position. Using a microsurgical or minimally invasive technique, a small circular incision is made at the exact implant site (not extended to the adjacent teeth) creating a visual of the entire jaw bone anatomy through a microscope. The dental implant is placed without stitches and very fast healing occurs without discomfort or swelling. The surrounding gum tissue will appear normal after the surgery because it is not surgerized. After surgery, dental implants patients, must limit exercise and eat slightly softer food on the opposite side for a couple of days.

In the contrary, in traditional techniques, an incision is often made over the site for the dental implant and extended to the adjacent teeth for access. The gum tissue is lifted off the bone extending through the entire surgical site. Then the dental implant is inserted and stitches are placed to close the gum tissues together, often creating gaps between the tissues leaving exposed bone. Over the next few days the gum tissue will creep over the bone to protect it from the oral environment. The stitches are removed in 1-2 weeks, taking a few weeks for the gum tissue to appear normal.  A soft food diet is required for about 2 weeks and no exercise is permitted for 1 week.